Friday, June 12, 2009


is turning 7 on Sunday! I can't believe it. He is getting to be alittle man. Not the little baby I first met. It's insanity. Where is the time going and how do I get it back? He's still small enough to snuggle into all the nooks and crannies...I hope that never changes! Jimmy and I decided to take his birthday away from my MIL. She always did a BBQ or cake and something for his birthday. But this year I said I want it. So we are shopping out hearts out tonight getting all the food and supplies and his gift(s). Then tomorrow we are cleaning till we drop. His Mom (my Mom is out of town so she won't be there) will see every little speck you I can't miss. We also have to make the cake and prep all the food. Marinate the chicken and set up the beans so I just have to turn the slow cooker on Sunday morning when I get up. Decorate the screened porch with streamers and balloons. James asked if he could have those awesome confetti poppers again this year. He loves the sound and the mess. The first year I surprised him with them he had no idea what to do with them. Then when Jimmy cleaned it up and threw the "waste" away, I thought James was going to lose his pants. He was so upset at seeing the confetti and streamers in the garbage. Poor thing. I think he'll handle it better this year :) I cancelled doing something exciting for my birthday to have time and funds to make his day perfect. I can't wait to see his little face!! Love it.

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