Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day...

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend. I had a nice one. Busy, but nice. My godson graduated on Friday night from HS (the first senior class!) and God let the sun shine for the first time in 10 days for them. Perfect. Then his BBQ party on Saturday. Rain was not as cooperative...but we still could play bags and the kids could swim...so it was a good day.

Monday I alternated between hiding from and catering to two 7 year olds. At the end of the day, I could not hold my tongue any longer and finally corrected his little friend with "I"m sorry, did you mean no thank you?". My own son was more polite towards me then his guest. Manners, when did they stop teaching them to kids? But they had a great day. Jimmy and I moved the coffee table, set up the wii and let them go to town. They had a ball! I love the sound of kids playing and laughing. Nothing better.

Short week this week. And short week next week! Yippee. Jimmy works late duty this week and Saturday...but I just realized that means he'll be off on Friday with me. More fun. It's worth feeling like a single mom for the week to have a long weekend with him next weekend. Or so I say at the moment. Ask me tomorrow morning...

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