Friday, July 22, 2011

TGIFriday and then Monday...MonDAY...MONDAY!!

I am so flipping excited about my u/s on Monday. I have not seen Hercules since 7 weeks...that is almost 13 weeks by the time I see her/him again. Unacceptable :) But in the mean time. I had gone to my hair dresser to get a cut. I wanted her to cut it short and she refused, needless to say I am looking for a new hairdresser as I will cut it short...but that's another story. So I was pretty down on my hair and self. I had so much out growth and gray that it looked like crap and I felt old. I mean really old. So she mentions henna hair color to me. So I started researching, and found out it is totally natural. From plants and roots natural. So I found a color from an on-line company that I liked and ordered it. It finally arrived this week and my husband (yes my husband colors me hair, he is so "frugal" that the savings makes it worth it for him and it's alot easier for me :) colored my hair. The product was really strange and went on like mud. It dried like mud too. So it was a real bitch to get out of my hair, but it worked. That's the key. I have no gray, no roots and I don't look like I am 60 something. I love it. It's a good week!! And then next week is my u/s...which is the best week ever. I can barely contain myself. I just keep looking at Jimmy and saying "Monday...MonDAY...MONDAY!!"...

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