Wednesday, July 27, 2011

His Name

So. When we first started talking about baby names. The girl name came to us right away. I threw out a name I had always loved, Piper and Jimmy loved it too. It just seemed to marry so perfectly to his grandmother's name that we ended up with Piper Rose. I have to admit I was bummed I wouldn't get to use it when we found out we were having a boy. I really adore it. But there you go. Now the boy name...not so much. I had always wanted to use my maiden name as a first name. But Jimmy was not a fan of that idea. I threw out hundred of names over many months and was shot down each and every time. No good. Then we were at my grandfather's church. Waiting to talk to the Pastor. And in thier sanctuary they have bibical names etched on the glass. Jimmy points to Asher and says, "What do you think?" I liked it. Then I did some research. Asher was a king. The king of what is current day Lebanon. Could that be anymore perfect? And it also means Peace. Love that!! So that was it for me. I was sold. We were originally going to go with Samual as the middle name. It's my great grandfather's name and he was an amazing man. But then, my grandfather became such an intrical part of our IF journey. This pregnancy would NOT have happened without him. So we decided to change the middle name to honor him. And I think he is most excited about it. So it was worth the change. And I think it works...Asher Robert. I think it's a good name. A wonderful name for my amazing miracle boy. Yes, a good name indeed.


  1. That's a great name!:) I think we're using Piper for our girls name... still just trying to figure out a middle name. I can't wait to have it finally decided though. It will be such a relief:) Glad you guys could agree on something you both love:)