Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have never seen that on FF before. I have been charting for 18 months and for 18 months I have Oed on CD12. So by CD17 I am officially 5DPO. I had short LP lengths off and on throughout that first year. But always Oed and always on Day 12. So this is weird. New and strange. I got a slight temp rise this morning. But even playing with my chart and putting in high temps tomorrow on I don't get CHs. I have never not gotten CHs. Hmm. I wasn't even going to temp this cycle. Just was doing a spot check on what I assumed would be 1DPO and my temp was super low. So I started temping as that was a strange thing. So I am still temping several days later and just got a little bump this morning. Still not real high for me. I think I'll temp tomorrow and maybe Wednesday to see (in my mind, not FF's) if I think I Oed, just later than usual. Then I'm going to just "be" until AF shows. I'm not stalking my own chart...and if there isn't any info in it to stalk, I won't be tempted. If my temp doesn't go more up or stay up on those two additional days then I'll know the whole month is a scrap, and possibly my first annolavory cycle. Either way, I'm going to let AF surprise me :)

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