Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So umm...

we were supposed to be TTA. But in the heat of the moment, DH decided to just see if it was meant to be!! Okay. So now I'm in the 2ww that I did not think I would be in for a few more months. Not sure what to think or how to "root" in this situation. Still adjusting to the possibility for now. I'll deal with the results when they come...

James would be thrilled. He asks me DAILY if I am pregnant and if he is going to have a brother or sister soon. I try and get him to understand that even if I was pregnant, there would be 9 more months till he would actually meet the baby. And that I'm not even pregnant. Seven year olds do not understand waiting 9 hours for something...forget the concept of 9 months. Oh well. I'm glad he's so excited about it. I pray that he will continue to be excited once that baby is actually here. Taking attention away from him. Crying in the night when he needs/wants to be sleeping. Sharing. He's been the only child for a LONG time. And not just with Daddy and Mama, but with Nani and Pa as well. He is the only grandchild on Daddy's side at this point. I think he'll do amazing...I pray he'll remain excited...I hope we get to find out!

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  1. Hmmmm well I certainly hope this 2ww ends the way you hope it to!