Wednesday, August 5, 2009


done with the shot procedures. Now I just cross my fingers that when I'm all finished, the pain is gone and I am done for good. Or at least a LONG time. I do have to thank DH for being the most amazing person E.V.E.R. He was there for me every minute the last couple of days and the previous days. If I didn't already love him completely...this would hav cinched it for him...tee hee. I am one lucky girl. He even painted and rearranged our bedroom furniture while I was done and it somehow managed to make the space larger. I don't know how it's possible...but it is and I am loving it. I love the brown we went with on the walls, goes so well with our earth tones we have throughout the house. And it makes the orange in the woodwork really pop. Jimmy wants to keep the armoire red, but I want to do it another fun color. Like orange. Or something along those lines. But I did get permission to bring my hat lamp into the bedroom and I am so excited. DH hates it...but I love it and have missed it. Mom gave us a push to have all our stuff out of thier garage soon. We have been putting it off thinking we would be selling pretty quick and moving into a bigger house where it would fit better...but that isn't happening in this market, so we might as well find spots for them now. So I can enjoy them and Mom can not have them in the way. So I"m getting my piano back...whoop...Jimmy is refinishing it and it's going to be gorgeous...he does such amazing work, I can't wait. And I get my lamp back. And my old dresser that he is going to refinish for the nursery. But we'll find a spot for now :) All these lovelies from my past that I haven't seen in awhile...I can't wait. Have to get rid of a thing or two, but that's okay too. I haven't missed the rocking chair one bit and really want to get a big fat cushy one for the nursery anyway...the wood one was not in my plans. So let's find it a home where it will be loved and cherished, not stacked in a garage collecting dust and being forgotten.

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