Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trucking along...

So I've successfully made it through Procedure #2! It was rougher than the first since I was still healing and they reinsert in the wound. It's taking longer to feel good and I'm still in pain from the injection site. But it is definately working, so I will take whatever I have to for that. I am so thrilled to be getting better. I have one more on the 31st and I'm starting physical therapy tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed that there is massage therapy every time as well :)

Jimmy said to me, "I just want your smile back". It made me realize (1) how bad this has been (2) how long it's been going on and (3) how it's affecting him/James as well. I feel bad. Never really thought about #3 realistically. But I should have. Jimmy has been busting his ass to take care of anything I couldn't handle. Also taking care of me 100% when I have the procedures done and for awhile after. Taking on more than usual to help me out. Poor thing.

Well, I think I'm almost me again...not that that's necessarily a good thing...but it's all I've got!

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