Friday, June 17, 2011


So I went to Chicago for my Godson (and his twin's) baptism my birthday weekend. I was set to stay with my little brother and his family. When I got there I was informed that his wife and son had been sick, but were "over it". Lies. All lies. The baby was sick the entire time and my SIL ended up at Emergency Care on Sunday. So...I got sick. And of course with being pregnant my immune system is weak and mine turned into broncitis, acute broncial spasms, sinisitious and a viral infection. Fun stuff. I have been sick for 9 days now and I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel yet. I tell Jimmy I am dying at least once a has become a joke around our house at this point. I saw the doctor and was put on antibiotics (weak ones) and an inhaler. But they do not seem to be helping me. I am so frustrated. I have coughing fits (that sometimes end in my vomitting) that then make it nearly impossible to breathe. And I had to come back to work even though I am not nearly ready. It bites. Today after a pretty nasty coughing fit and alot of wheezing and trouble breathing, Jimmy told me that we can go up to Illinois and smack my brother and his family. I just might take him up on that!! I even had to cancel my prenatal massage that I had scheduled for tomorrow (my birthday present from the boys :) because I didn't think I could enjoy it and didn't want to get anyone else sick.

And while I was at my sick appointment, my doctor had me do bloodwork to check on my Vitamin B12 and D deficiancy statuses (I have been taking supplements for awhile now). And while I was dying on the couch yesterday after work, they called to inform me that I had not absorbed a smidge of the B12 (the horrible, caulk like pill that I have to gag down...bastard!) and I have to switch (with my OB's permission) to a weekly B12 shot (in the ass thank you very much). So I finally finish with my fertility shots, and now I get this. And once I'm not pregnant anymore...I will add shots for my MS as well. I am destined to be a pin cushion I guess. I just need to accept it. It's crap I tell you!!

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  1. Aw Heather, I'm so sorry you are sick...and bad sick at that. :( I hope you are feeling better by this point.

    Also, sorry about the B12 injections... just when you think you won't have to be a pin cushion anymore. I think you need some ((HUGS))