Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving forward

So we got the call last night from the RE's nurse. Our pre-IVF bloodwork came back. Clean. All normal. I never had any doubt, but apparently Jimmy has been sweating it out. Funny. So I made my protocol appointment. But of course. Jimmy has a conflict with the day, so now I have a call into the nurse to see if we can bump the day. It's set for this Monday, but I'm seeing if I can make it Thursday (or Friday) instead. But one way or the other (Jimmy will have to make it work if I can't change it) it's next week. This is where we do a dry run of the IVF procedure. Get my med protocol and check my ovaries, yes, once again :) I have to arrive with a full bladder, but to quote my lovely husband, when don't I have a full bladder? It's ironic. I would go for my monitoring appointments and they would tell me to pee and empty my bladder and I would. Then they would start and each and every time comment on the fact that I already had urine in my bladder. I guess my screwed when I'm pregnant huh? But anywho, back to next week. So I have to arrive full bladder. Then we will go over the finances for the millionth time. We'll have a look see at my uterus and such. I'm not sure if Jimmy will have to do a run on his SA or not...that is yet to be seen. I still have some questions on snow babies that I will get someone to answer for me. Or several people. I need to feel okay about that. It's funny, Jimmy was raised Catholic, so you would think that he would be the one that concerns, but I guess I am the more religious of the two of us. Even though my religion is more lax...oh well. We'll figure it out. I would love to freeze them and have a second shot if needed. But I don't think it will be fiscally optional for us. But that's what next week will iron out. And one monthish from now we should be doing the ER/ET and it will be. One month. Insanity.

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  1. SO exciting that things are really starting to kick into gear now!