Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I had my uterus water ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound yesterday. First I get to the office and have to walk through the pediatric office and see all the little children playing. Then it must have been ultrasound day for all the expecting moms. Everyone and thier Mother (literally) were in the waiting room. So I sit in the crowd and try not to look at the bellies as I read my conception magazine. Till this voice next to me says, "When are you due?" Had to try and not cry as I explained that I am not. Then go in for the ultrasound and the tech pulls up my last one and asks me when that was and why and I explain it was done while I was miscarrying. She tries to close it out quickly with several apologies. So the good news is that all my lady bits are as they should be. The b/w showed that my progesterone level was good. My uterus is as it should be. No un-natural thickening. My ovaries are good, the tech even said that they are the exact same size, which is rare and extremely good. But the bad news is my lining is super thin. Meaning that the thryoid issue is preventing me from ovulating. So pregnancy right now is simpley out of the question. Until the thryoid is back on track...we are at a stand still. So I have to cancel my RE appointment as a result. Nothing they can do till my levels are back to normal. And I guess a normal range is 2.0 to 4.3 and I am at 7.9. So almost double the high end of the range. Not good I'm sure. I did have a teeny tiny cyst, but it appeared to have already burst. So she did not think it was a problem at all.

So now we wait till Friday and see what comes from that. I hope it's as simple as taking a small and inexpensive pill and I'm back on track in record time. Thinking I might try on our own once this is handled to see if that truly was the problem prior to seeing the RE. We are going to have to pay OOP for everthing, so it might benefit us to try alittle first. We'll see.

We did have two sweets things occur recently amongst all this crap. Our families were over for James 8th birthday on Sunday. My grandfather comes up to me and says, "If you aren't getting pregnant on your own, is there a special doctor you can see to help you about that, or is that just it?" So I explain about REs and that I have an appointment coming up (this is the day before the thyroid results so I was still on in my mind at the time). I explain that it's very expensive and we have been pushing it back since we really can't afford it. He tells me to keep him posted, but that if money is all that is keeping him from his great grandchild, then I'm to forget all about that and he will make it happen. I was so shocked and touched I burst into tears. Then Jimmy and his Dad were talking yesterday and he asked him about my appointment and if I was sick. Jimmy explained about my thyroid. His Dad asked if it was affecting us getting pregnant. Jimmy explained that it was. So his Dad tells him, "If it doesn't happen for you, you know you can always adopt. And we will absolutely help you to make that happen!". We are so very blessed to have these amazing and generous people in our lives!!

I also had a little sad moment last night. We were watching Dog the Bounty Hunter of all things and the daughter goes into labor. Jimmy got teary eyed and said he couldn't watch it and left the room. Sometimes I forget that it's not just me who is hurt daily by all this. My sweet husband is suffering as well. It breaks my heart even more!!


  1. I hope you guys are able to get your thyroid under control quickly to move forward with RE plans--and what a fabulous family you have!! XOXO

  2. ((hugs)) I hope the thyroid problem is fixed asap!
    You always have the sweetest stories about your family. :)

  3. Your thyroid will be back in the normal range before you know it. Also, most RE's want to see your thyroid level at or below 2. So make sure you follow up on that when meet with your RE. Good luck!