Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More updating

So I saw the doc on Friday. Hypothyroidism and borderline diabetic. So I was put on a low dosage of the thyroid meds and have to be blood tested in 6 weeks. If not okay then, they raise the dosage and retest me in 6 weeks, and so on. Not sure when my cycle will get back to normal. I hope that happens pretty quickly. Jimmy has become a diet and fitness natzi now. Keeps telling me it's just because he wants me around for along time. But it's mucho annoying when I am exhausted and/or in pain. He's pushing me to do something physical every day. Rollerblade, ride bike, walk, wii, swim, sex...something. And he is all over me about cheating on my no sugar program I've done forever. I also have to go psuedo-Atkins with carbs. I figure when I cook I'll use wheat products and spinach pasta, etc. But when I go out or somewhere I will just eat and not worry about it. I guess I have to consider the positive side and figure I will probably lose some weight or at least tone up and slim down. It will be interesting to see where I end up :) So fingers crossed my levels are good at the beginning of August and my cycle goes back to "normal". Don't think I'll ever complain about my pretty but uncooperative chart again!!

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