Tuesday, February 2, 2010

St. Augustine

Jimmy and I cruised up to St. Augustine on Saturday for his birthday celebration. However Mother Nature decided to bring a whole lot of rain that day as well. The Pros...we almost had the whole town to ourselves. The Cons...no pictures of our day or the town. Guess I'll just have to rely on mental memories...I might be in trouble :) But we headed up there and stopped at the San Sebastian Winery for a tasting. Horrible, horrible. I did not like any of the wines and Jimmy didn't like that they give you spit glasses of the stuff. So off to town we head. Stop at the Crazy Cork and have a real wine tasting. Purchasing a bottle (or two) for our time. It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The lady was funny and knowledgable and the wine was delish and reseonably priced. It made the whole trip up there worth it. From there we proceeded to walk around for 6 hours. It was so much fun. We stopped in shops and had a lovely lunch and stopped in some more shops. Just spending time together and enjoy the day. It started getting busier later when the rain slowed down. But by then we were ready to head on home. With a perfect day together behind us and some Valentine's Day chocolate wine tucked in our back seat :)

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