Friday, April 22, 2011


I know it's pregnancy hormomes. I normally ADORE my pets. I love them like my child. I spoil them like crazy. But I tell you...right now...I can NOT stand them. Want to open the door and let them free. Tell Jimmy that they ran away. All of them. They are so annoying. Normally my cat is very sedementary. Not when I am napping, no...that is the best time to run across all the furniture, including whatever I am laying on. He starts crying at 5 a.m. He steals paper whenever he can and makes the worst racket with it. And then thier is the dogs. The male isn't a fan of the new big dogs across the street. So he barks like a nut whenever they make an appearance. Which gets the female going (she's not the best in the sight department so she would most likely miss them on her own :). And my female. Ahh, my female. She is consistant...non-stop. She whines. Perpetually. She huffs as she lays down. She scratchs and actually thumps the floor so that it shakes. She snores. She burps. She barks. And normally all her "quirks" make me laugh. Or at least don't affect me. But I am on the brink. I actually have to wear ear plugs at night because she starts at 5 a.m. or earlier and I think I might kill her. And she will not settle down in the evening. You put her outside and she stares at you to come and bring her in. You bring her in and she walks around and around whining. I want to love them again...but damn...they are making it REALLY tough on a girl.

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  1. They sound like they are doing a good job at annyoing you! I'm sorry, I totally know how you feel. My animals have been driving me nuts too. Hang in there friend!