Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monitoring #2

So aside from waiting in the ultrasound room for an hour while I was having way too much anxiety, the second appointment went well. My left little guy shrunk, so he's out of the game. But the two right guys are up to 21 and 18. So it's a go. I know most women have like 12 follicles for an IVF, but after last month, I'm just excited to have 2 and the go ahead. So I trigger tonight and we have our pre-op appointment tomorrow morning. And they are doing the egg retreival on Monday morning at 10:45. I am a little freaked out now that it's here. And I am dreading calling my boss and telling him that I need Monday off. And if they do a 3 day transfer I will need Thursday off as well. But it is what it is...and I can't stress over that part of it. Poor Jimmy has late duty on Monday so he is going to have to drop me off after and go into work. That sucks, but will mean some quiet time for me after. So it must be meant to be :)

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