Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Follow up bloodwork...

So it's been 6 weeks since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started my meds. Today I went for my follow up blood work. I actually am crossing my fingers that they say the meds aren't enough and are upping them. I still feel the side effects. Lucky me...basically the early "signs" of pregnancy without the pregnancy fun :) So I hope if they up them then I will finally start to feel better. Fingers crossed...prayers to God...whatever I need to do. I just want to feel good again. I want to put on jeans without the bloat. But first I had to go in and have three ladies poke me and prod me and poke me some more so my rolling vein would give up the blood they so desperately needed. I already have a bruise. I'm dying waiting on the results. Here's the perfect anwer in my mind. The doctor calls me today and says that they are upping my meds and they are already called into the pharamacy. This way tomorrow I can start the higher dose and ::prayers said:: start feeling like a non-exhausted, non-bloated, not nauseous, non-cranky human again. Jimmy said he wants his sweet wife back. I know she's in there...I just don't think we've seen her in awhile. Come out...come out...where ever you are!!

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